What if a "CHLers Welcome" sign?


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Mar 28, 2008
The recent topic of 'no guns' signs fresh on my mind, especially in gun stores. I'm curiously wondering how would a store with a "CHLers Welcome!" sign fair? For the sake of actually daydreaming about what it would be like, let's ignore the part about insurance carrier/company liability (if chain) and assume that everyone agreed the risk/sign was ok.

Since the non-30.06 signs don't apply to CHLers anyway, can the above be another way to word the intended message? I ask this question with some jest. But I'm oddly curious, "what if"?

I'd imagine a fair number of patrons to the store would take their business elsewhere. They simply don't want to take the chance that they'll be in the same building with a gun.

I can also see a segment feeling acknowledged and welcome. I can only speak for myself but if I saw that sign at the front of the store I'd first think "Cool!" but in this day and age that I'd also think, "What's the catch"

Anyhow, I'm just wondering outloud, making conversation over my post-run breakfast.


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Feb 1, 2009
No Catch!
If you are doing the conceal part right, who would know?


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Feb 17, 2009
I have often wondered about this myself
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