What's up with that avatar?


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May 6, 2008
In a dumpy house on an expensive lot

Over the years I used many different ones with my screen name. I've had Homer Simpson in his underwear on the couch, various Betty Page pictures, pictures of me with game I've slain, A Clockwork Orange movie poster.

My current one is of my dog Chupa. Rescued him from a shelter after having to put down our second Aussie. He's a Catahoula Leopard Dog. Had several different breeds in mind when I started looking. Most of the rescue shelters really pissed me off.

The shelter that he came from said that his owner had died, & his kids just turned him loose. He was a ranch dog in South Texas. A Galveston county judge who hunted the ranch brought him in. At the time I was recovering from foot surgery and the lose of our Aussie had me a bit depressed. Chupa on our first meeting really just cheered me up.

They had tried placing him for 2 years and he kept coming back. He likes to growl. I think it scared most peole. Thing is he growls while wagging his tail. I took it that he is a verbal dog & growling is just the one of his ways of communicating.


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Mar 17, 2008
Houston, TX.
I like your dog. Looks like a dog my family had, when I was growing up in SA. The picture brought back some good ól memories.


Mar 7, 2008
Parker County
...he is a verbal dog & growling is just the one of his ways of communicating.
Yeah, one of my wife's JRT's (a female of course) has the widest range of vocalizations and noises I've ever heard from a dog, and they all mean something different. It's almost like she can talk.

Congrats on your dog, sounds like a good one.
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