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Women are from Mars...

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  • skfullgun

    Dances With Snakes
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    Oct 14, 2017
    In the woods...
    This topic may have been discussed elsewhere. Mods, please feel free to merge if needed.

    Women are from Mars, or is it Venus? I never can remember the title of that book.

    Here's my example from this morning:

    I go to the local 7-Eleven (I'm in town visiting the g/f) to get an iced coffee. She goes in with me.
    Me, being the OCB (Original Cheap Bastard), I grab the big styro cup instead of the smaller clear, plastic one and start to fill the cup from the cold-brew machine. I don't add any ice because my plan is to go home and put ice from her ice-maker in my bubba cup and pour half of the coffee over it for today. I'll save the other half for tomorrow morning..
    As I'm filling the cup, she asks, "aren't you going to add any ice?"
    I explain my plan for adding ice when we get back to her house and making the coffee last for two mornings.
    About that time, the automatic pump that circulates water through the drip tray under the soda fountain right next to the cold-brew machine starts to run.
    I'm focused on putting a lid on the styro cup of my freshly poured cold-brew. Without gesturing or providing context, she asks, "Is that warm?"
    I point to the sign on top of the machine, "Cold-Brew", and say, "no, it's cold!"
    Now she points to the water running through the drip tray and says, with attitude, "I'm talking about that water!"
    Evidently, I'm supposed to know what she's thinking.
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    Jan 3, 2010
    Occupied Texas
    My wife was ranting last night about me not listening to her and a bunch of other stuff I didn't pay any attention to.

    True story: Was asleep in bed and I woke up hearing a large flock of geese flying over. I woke up my wife because I thought that was pretty cool to hear them honking that loud. She said, "You can hear geese flying over at 10,000 feet, but you can't hear me when I stand in the same room and tell you to take out the garbage?" I looked at her and said, "In my defense, the geese don't feel like they have to honk at me every day."


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    Feb 28, 2021
    Central Pennsylvania
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