Workplace Violence: Two Men Stabbed, Shot On The Job

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    PETRONILA - Two men were stabbed and shot at a business near Petronila Monday.
    One of the men died at the scene, the other was HALO-flighted to the hospital.
    The incident took place at Mother Earth Materials and Recycling around 10:30 a.m. Monday morning. The business is located along FM 665, about 10 miles outside Corpus Christi.
    The confrontation happened inside the complex.
    Early on, the two men's matching injuries made it tough to figure out who attacked whom first.
    "It appears to be that both of them have multiple gunshot wounds and stab wounds," Nueces County Deputy Capt. Stan Repka said.
    Hector Veliz, 54, died at the scene, and David Cisneros, 27, survived a gunshot to the upper left arm and three stab wounds to the chest and back.
    However, paramedics put Cisneros under heavy sedation and gave him a breathing tube before HALO-flight took him to the hospital.
    By the time he arrived at Christus Spohn Memorial, some of his family was waiting for his arrival.
    Back at the scene, the general manager, Merlin Long, said there was no indication of a conflict before the attack.
    "The details are very sketchy. Both of them are longtime employees, four plus years. Everything was fine this morning," Long said.
    Also, at first, customers of Mother Earth thought it was just an accident.
    "He was laying down. I figured they had a truck pulled over, stuck, I thought it was an accidental where a chain hit him on the head, but it wasn't," customer George Perez said.
    Investigators were seen carrying paper bags from the scene, but it's unclear exactly what was inside, or how many people may have witnessed whatever happened.
    "That is something that the investigation is going to uncover," Repka said.
    Cisneros was awake for a while and it's possible he told deputies what happened.
    As of 3:30 p.m. Monday afternoon, he was still alive at the hospital, although no information on his condition was available.
    Neither of the men have a history with violence, at least within Nueces County. So far, there's no indication as to what prompted the violent confrontation

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