WTS: Mossberg 500 stock/PGO

Discussion in 'Gun Accessories & Ammo' started by hoytinak, Aug 15, 2009.

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    Mar 5, 2008
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    I went back to the original wood so for sale is a like new Hogue 12" LOP stock and like new (I don't think it was ever mounted) pistol grip only for a Mossberg 500. I will include the Hogue forend that's in the pic but I'm not going to guarantee that the forend will fit your 500. I had to cut it a little to fit my older 500. (I later learned that the 500 forends come in 2 different lengths depending on age of the 500) $50 shipped...USPS money order only. Here's the Hogue 12" LOP stock on my 500:


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