WTT My 1911 .45 ACP for a 1911 10MM (College Station)


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Nov 28, 2013
I have recently gotten into the 1911 world and needless to say I'm addicted now. I took a RIA full rail 2011 VZ GRIP Tactical (.45 ACP) in a trade and have fallen in love with it. It is by far the most accurate pistol I have ever fired and recoil is seemingly non-existent. However my primary purpose for the 1911 is to carry as a hunting side arm and I want to get into handgun hunting so I'm wanting something with a little more punch. This may seem far fetched but I'm wanting to trade my RIA in .45ACP for a 1911 in 10mm, preferably the RIA 1911 Tactical II FS (10mm) because I have grown fond of how these pistols function and perform. But I will consider others as well. My pistol is in excellent condition with about 300 rounds through it. I can provide pictures and will post some here today when I get off of work. Of the 100+ rounds I have put through it I have not had any FTE, FTF, or mishap of any kind. This gun has run flawlessly on targets and has dispatched several hogs and a coyote. I have original box and documentation provided to me from previous owner as well as 2 mags and I will also add all ammunition I have in the trade which consists of 1/2 box 230gr Federal HST and 1/2 box of 230gr Federal FMJ.

I am located between College Station and Huntsville. Trade will be FTF and we can even meet at a LGS to do ownership exchange paperwork. You can message me on here or call/text @ 936-870-6three8three my name is Vance.

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