Your most accurate loads?


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Dec 31, 2009
Willie Nelson Country, TX
I have a Colt M4 6940 w/ 1 in 7 twist - I am assuming bullet wt needs to be somewhere in the 70 gr range? Currently have an Aimpoint red dot installed. Looking real hard @ a Leupold 1.5 -8 x 30 for a LaRue if it ever gets here - been about a yr since ordered.

Also, what is the best bullet wt for 9 mm handgun? Have 2 Sigs, P938SAS & 6X Scandic. Forget recoil - looking for accuracy on my re loads. Been re loading for approx 40 yrs on progressive.

thanks for your "secret loads" info & I usually load on the low side on powder. Ain't hunting grizzleys.
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