1. rednekked

    Nelson 1911 Converstion kit

    I had a "Kimber" .22 conversion kit - it looked good, but thats about it. It was not that accurate and the last shot did not hold the slide open...If you lost count and pulled the trigger 11 times you'd get a ding on the top of the chamber. I didn't like the "Kimber". So I bought a Nelson .22...
  2. StevenC.

    Shot Calling

    SHOT-CALLING is SELF-CALLING Calling your shot is easy: You sight the gun, you press the trigger, and the very last thing you saw (coupled with a little introspection on what you felt) tells you where that shot went. You know the shot went left because you saw the sights drift left at...
  3. Fortitude88

    Laser Gun Bible Stories

    I purchased (err.. pre-ordered) my first firearm the other day, a Kimber Ultra CDP II, and the store owner asked me if I wanted a laser on it. At first I thought he was joking, but then he started praising them like stories from the Bible - that, at night, accuracy without it (a laser) was...
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