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    1. GunZoneDeals.Com

      SOLD Only 800 Made! Thunder Ranch AK47 V2 BFT47 7.62x39 OD Green MAGPUL MOE Century Arms AK-47 RI4995-N $999 + $26.95 Flat Rate Shipping!

      Limited Edition Thunder Ranch AK47 V2 Rifle (Only 800 Made!) Click Here To Buy NOW! Based off the new Century Arms BFT47 this battle rifle was modified to be the ultimate self-defense platform. This rifle was crafted for function and dependability in extreme conditions, and Clint Smith...
    2. Every Day Gun Guy

      DEAL $329.99 Wolf 7.62x39mm, FMJ, 122 Grain, 1,000 Rounds!!!

      CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE YOUR CASE OF Wolf 7.62x39mm, FMJ, 122 Grain POPULAR BRANDS THAT WE OFFER... PLUS MANY MORE @ EVERY DAY GUN GUY!!! Anderson FN Lancer Sig Sauer Armscor Franklin Armory Magpul Smith & Wesson Beretta Glock Maverick Arms Springfield...
    3. Slaughter18

      SOLD Saiga AK 7.62x39 Houston

      I have this Saiga that has been Rear converted old holes welded up really great conversion bullet guide installed as well . Front end has been threaded for a muzzle break with a Krebs muzzle break and Cerakoted in a grey . And has an ar to m4 stock adapter from rifle dynamics and Tapco trigger...
    4. P

      WTB AK-47 or SKS

      San Antonio Looking for an affordable AK-47 I sold my AK before joining the military and want to replace it. I would also consider a SKS. Please let me know if you have anything available for sale. Thanks
    5. S

      WTS AR mags, AK-47 mags, Blackhawk sheath, Redhead belt (San Angelo)

      Location: San Angelo Prefer payment is with Paypal or Venmo. I will ship items, but that price will vary. Unused DSG Arms black aluminum 30rd AR magazines with Magpul springs and followers: $9/ea Unused Bulgarian 30rd steel AK-47 magazines with heavy-duty polymer follower: $10/ea Unused...
    6. MTA

      Saiga .223 Build / Conversion Thread

      Hey everyone, Right after I moved back to Texas this past March, I had bought a partially converted Saiga .223 off of Texas gun trader. I don't remember what I paid (rifle + 500 rounds of .223)but it was a very good price. It has sat in the back of my safe until about this December when I...
    7. E

      Ruger LCP II, AR-556 and MINI 14 on Sale @ E-arms

      Get them before they are gone! Shop @
    8. Bravodigger

      AK build tools (Austin)

      I've got some AK build tools mostly from for sale in Austin. I'd prefer a ftf transaction simply because the tools are so bulky and heavy, but I'm not against shipping. I've used these tools for two builds and everything is like new with the exception of the spot welder which was...
    9. A

      Cia RI1188N GP WASR 7.62X39 RIFLE WOOD AK47** SHIPS FREE**

      Cia RI1188N GP WASR 7.62X39 RIFLE WOOD AK47** SHIPS FREE** $689 Cia RI1188N GP WASR 7.62X39 RIFLE WOOD AK47 CENTURY INTER ARMS INC WASR CIA RI1188N GP WASR AK-47 Semi-Auto 7.62X39 16.25" 30+1 Wood Stk The GP WASR semi-auto rifle comes with a wood stock and two 30-round double...
    10. B

      AK47 Unwelcome mat

      I found these and ordered two. Hilarious!
    11. G

      WTS/WTT High Quality CNC Adjustable Mock Suppressors for AR15/AK47/AR10/9mm

      Matte black design gives a tactical, special forces look, to an ordinary rifle. These mock suppressors are CNC machined from a single bar of high strength T6 aluminum Easily slips over the end of the guns barrel and is attached by simply screwing it on or off, just like a flash hider. A...
    12. C

      Ak47 "kits"

      I see several AK47 kits for sale on the gun auction sites. Are these the real deal? What are the gotchas and negatives? For an inexperienced gun assembler, to get some help building the gun, is a kit a feasible way to go? Thoughts, please?
    13. F

      **Russian Tin 7.62x39 640 rounds Non Corrosive**

      ****SOLD**** Moving out of state; and I have one Russian tin of 640 rounds non corrosive. Also few loose boxes (9) 20 rounds per box - of Tula 7.62x39 Ammo to sell quickly. FTF Houston : $295.00
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