1. S

    SOLD [East Houston] WTS: *New* Frontier 5.56 62gr BTHP Match

    I have 4 x 500 rnd. unopened cases of Frontier 5.56 62gr BTHP Match for sale. Not willing to split up cases. 500 rnds/$285. 1000 rnds/$550. For sale only, no trades. Not willing to ship but am willing to meet FTF in the Houston area.
  2. D

    SOLD 1100+ Rounds of 55gr Wolf .223 Ammunition (Steel Cased)

    Howdy Folks, Cleaning out my ammo stash. Up for sale is 1100+ rounds of Wolf 55gr .223 steel cased ammunition. 940 rounds are still in factory boxes (47 boxes). They were always stored in a steel ammo can with oxy absorber and desiccant in a climate controlled environment. The other 190...
  3. 2sam22

    SOLD 100 rounds 300 Blackout (Georgetown)

    No trades. Sold my 300 BO rifle. All boxes are as new/unopened. No trades. 2 boxes Remington UMC 300 AAC Blackout 220gr, 20 Rnds per box 1 box DRT Terminal Shock 300 AAC Blackout 135gr, 20 Rnds 2 boxes Barnes Vor-TX 300 AAC Blackout 110gr TAC-TX, 20 Rnds per box $70/all. Meet in Georgetown.
  4. F

    Researching Ammunition Pricing, Please Help

    Greetings TGT community: I am a gun collector, shooting enthusiast and doctoral student currently working on a paper on the price elasticity of small arms ammunition. Yes, I know…strange combination! I’m not writing this trying to “school” anyone, I am genuinely interested in your feedback to...
  5. P

    ISO Charity Donations

    The Knights of Columbus Chapter 5052 is in the process of putting together a Charity Shoot. The event details are TBD, but probably will be held at Elm Fork on March 21st, and include a catered lunch. I will post the details here once everything is finalized. Right now, I am looking for...
  6. Fortitude88

    Using Blemished Bullets for Range Practice - Safe, Accurate?

    Looking to buy some ammunition from but the product is listed as 'blemished'. I did some reading online - and for gun ranges (up to 500 yards), blemished ammunition seems to be OK to use. Can anyone weigh in on this? Are they safe to fire, moderately accurate? Thanks.
  7. Fortitude88

    Obama, Congress & The Political Sphere

    Unfortunately, I am not as nearly up-to-speed on current gun law legislation as so many of you are. As my bio says and as some of you may have read, I'm brand new to guns and recently placed my first firearms order on April 30th. I understand that bullets - it seems, from what I've read...
  8. J

    250 Rounds of .40S&W FMJ Remington Mega Pack

    My wife bought this being nice to me thinking it was the same as 9mm. Oh well I did not marry her for her firearms knowledge. ;) Anyway I am just trying to recoup what we paid for it so $120 will do that. If I need to ship it lets say $130. I am in the DFW area so text me to 214-649-8152 if...
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