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    1. A

      WTB AR-15 lower receivers [San Antonio]

      I am looking for any AR-15 lower receivers to purchase or trade •Can be stripped, complete, partial, new, used, raw, 100%, 80%, any caliber, etc •Please let me know if you have any lower receivers available **I am not selling any lowers** 》Text is best at 210-891-298seven Thanks!
    2. P

      WTB Glock 19 slide (San Antonio)

      Looking for a Glock 19 slide gen 3. Need barrel and lower parts as well. Will pay cash or trade. Thanks!
    3. P

      WTB AR 15 jig (San Antonio)

      I have an 80% lower that I would like to finish, but I don't have a Jig. I am hoping someone would loan me there's. I'll supply me own bits. This would save me a lot of cash. Please let me know of you have a Jig to loan out or if you want to sell for reasonable price. Thanks!
    4. Younggun

      Homemade shooting bench

      I usually shoot laying in the dirt but there is a rise at 200 yards that blocks the target when shooting from 300. After a couple attempts at movable benches I finally gave in and built a permanent one. Did it in a way that required the minimum number of tools, planning, and cost. Total cost...
    5. twain55

      AR Build/Headspace

      I'm going to be doing my first AR build soon. Although I'm experienced in the operation and maintenance of AR style rifles I have never built one. I've done a lot of research and it generally appears to be a straight forward process. Especially with the right tools, which I believe I have...
    6. F

      Which charging handle should I choose?

      I am looking at a BCM Gunfighter charging handle for an AR-15 I am building. They list 3 - large, medium and small. No description of the differences. Can anyone help by describing these in more detail and making a recommendation? Thanks
    7. F

      How do you choose parts to build an AR-15?

      I've looked through a number of videos on AR-15 builds and they are pretty thorough in the how-to. But, how do you choose the different components? Quality vs. price? The only thing I come up with immediately, is that if the part costs more, it must be better quality. That only works if you have...
    8. SmokeyWhisper

      SBR Parts and Experiences? I am starting a build.

      Haven't posted much but I do enjoy the reads. Now its my turn to post. Believe me, I know where the search bar is too. Because I desire an (insert tactical term I.E. CQB, SBR, Close In, Danger Close) rifle, I am starting an AR-15 SBR build now and would like to hear some experiences with any...
    9. SmokeyWhisper

      Mk12 Build Almost Done

      I got a package in the mail today. Here is a couple of pics to tease everyone with the build.
    10. SmokeyWhisper

      Vltor MUR AR Build

      I had started a while ago with a stripped lower and my 1st AR 'build'. I didn't want just a regular stripped $50 lower. I found the Gonzales lower here and fell in love. I got started on my build right...
    11. SmokeyWhisper

      1st AR Build

      If I seem too detailed, it is only because I like to be accurate and precise. Too many people get offended or butt hurt when someone isn't super specific enough on the internet and such foolishness can spark a heated keyboard warrior debate. If this is the case with you, then have fun with your...
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