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    Gunsmith with KAC SR-15 Wrench near Grapevine

    Hello, Are there any smiths near Grapevine that have a Knight’s Armament SR-15 wrench? I need one to install an URX 3.1 handguard and it requires this tool. I would buy one but they are 112 bucks at the cheapest and I will not play that unless I have to. Thanks.
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    Browning Twelvette Double Automatic 12 Gauge

    Looking for a gunsmith that is familiar with the Browning Double Automatic. Any input would be great.
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    mobile gun cleaning and range.

    look at reply number 13
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    SKS Firing Pin

    So I was taking apart and cleaning my newly purchased SKS last night, and now I can't remember which way the firing pin went in. :confused: Would the larger end or the smaller end of the pin be sticking out? I would assume it would be the smaller end, but I want to make sure (don't want any...
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