1. R

    FTF Sales where seller is 03 FFL?

    Hi all, I had an interesting hypothetical question come to mind recently. I know that sellers requiring a Bill of Sale for FTF transactions generates a lot of spirited debate on this forum. Personally, I prefer my privacy and don't like to hand out my personal info to someone I just met and am...
  2. Ricardo Cranium

    New TEXAS CHL / Gun Laws

    This was done in May, I can't find if the senate ever voted on any of these. Anyone got a source? Texas House passes 12 bills to soften firearms laws on 'gun day' | Fox News -Larry
  3. D

    We need action to keep our guns

    Petitions: "We The People" Petition against Gun Control: National Association for Gun Rights - Second Amendment Protection Petition: ... - Defend Our Right to Bear Arms petition: Defend Our...
  4. D

    guns laws

    One of Barack Obama's top gun ban extremists in the Senate - Dianne Feinstein - introduced a bill yesterday that's part of the Obama agenda to strip you of your Second Amendment rights. Feinstein's sweeping new gun ban would: -- BAN tens of millions of commonly owned rifles, shotguns and...
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