1. MrWhip

    New TGT member

    Hello. I am mid-forties combat veteran soon to retire after 20+ years of combined active/Nat’l Guard service. I’ve been a tanker (M1) and Infantryman, enlisted and officer, and deployed to Iraq in 07-08. I also responded in support of Texas for Hurricane’s Gustav, Ike, Alex, Harvey and...
  2. P

    Buying a home, Stone Oak, Sonterra

    So I have lived in San Antonio 22 months and I put in a bid for a house last Monday. The offer was accepted within a couple hours, and close before October ends. I have lived in the Stone Oak area since moving here and enjoy it. I pick this area due to the school district, NEISD. I've been...
  3. P

    WTB AR 15 lower

    Looking to buy a couple AR-15 lowers. 100% or 80% lower receivers. Brand/manufacturer unimportant. Stripped or complete. Forged or Billet. Looking for fair price. FTF. Will sign BOS. Please let me know what you have available. Thanks.
  4. P

    March for 2nd amendment

    I see these kids walking out of school and people marching to demonstrate their views against gun rights. I say let's all have March to support our 2nd amendment right. I'm in San anAnton and I say lets meet tomorrow. I don't open carry but this is when I will. We all March with rifles and...
  5. koddc

    hello from koddc

    hello to everyone at TGT. my first post. i have enjoyed target shooting for 50 years now. have LOTS to talk about. MAIN INTEREST: serious Dan Wesson revolver collector !! ready to jump in with y'all and get started !
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