14 year old shoots it out with 43 year old victim


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Jun 3, 2014
It seems these wannabe thugs are getting younger, or I am just getting older.

A man had accused a 14 year old of burglary, and he did have a record of it.

So the kid walks up to him at his home and starts shooting, can you guess what happens?

JYD Points Of View - TheJunkYardNews: 14 Year Old Thug Wannabe Shoots 43 Year Old Man Who Then Returns Fire

So do you think the surviving victim should be charged on a concealed weapon violation if he did not have a permit?

I don't!



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Sep 5, 2013
It was kind of unspoken but back before you could get a concealed carry permit or could keep a gun in your car, there were some police departments that would simply confiscate your weapon and then never go to trial if you had a weapon where you shouldn't but successfully defended yourself with it. I know my old next door neighbor, who was an Austin Police Detective with the Gang Unit, mentioned this once and a few other officers I've known have hinted around about it. Essentially you'd lose your gun but it was better than going to jail.

Now that you can get a concealed carry permit? Who knows? Even in the bad ole days I'm sure plenty of people successfully defended themselves that soon found themselves facing charges of their own.


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Mar 19, 2008
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I'm all in with the 43 yr. old guy. Too bad the young kid got so messed up that soon, but young kids are supposed to have relatives and others helping them and setting good examples. Oh well!
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