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1911 or XD45? Your Opinion Please

Discussion in 'Handguns' started by Code3GT, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. Code3GT

    Code3GT Active Member

    Jun 12, 2008
    Well I sold my Taurus 24/7 .40 and am considering a 1911 or XD45. The 40 is just too snappy for me and I like quick follow-ups. I have always loved the 1911 and shot a Kimber and absolutely fell in love with the .45 accuracy and recoil. More of a slow push than a snappier well...snap to the .40 and just felt MUCH more in control. I've heard really great things about the XD45 4" compact and am also considering it. Whichever I choose will be my primary CCW more than likely in an IWB holster.

    Anyone who's fired both of these have any insight they can provide? How does the recoil compare between the polymer vs. all metal? Is it anymore difficult to conceal the 5" 1911 than a 4" compact of the XD45?

    I've read the XD is comparable width-wise to a 1911. Carrying at work is not an option (EMS...have to depend on the police unfortunately) and i'm primarily a tshirt/jeans guy with minimal tucking needed, only every now and then. My budget is somewhere around $700 so as far as 1911's go, Springfield, RIA, and ParaOrdinance has really caught my eye with some nice firearms. Thanks in advance!

  2. baboon

    baboon TGT Addict

    My second hand gun was a 1911. Eventually it was stolen and for the next 30 years I bought all kings of pistols. H&K's, Sig's, Glocks & a few S&W revolvers. The day I received my Les Baer 1911 SRP was the day I knew I could stop buying pistols.
  3. Kerbouchard

    Kerbouchard Member

    Jun 18, 2008
    A 5" 1911 IWB will be much easier to conceal than an XD45. It is not the barrel length that makes a difference(especially with IWB), but the grip profile. While I do not have an XD45, I do have an XD9 service(same size), and it is much more difficult to conceal than any of my 1911's. The trigger pull, accuracy, control, grip, etc of the 1911 all leave the XD far behind.

    That being said, the XD does have redeeming factors.

    Magazine capacity is about twice what the 1911 will have.
    An XD is about half the price of a decent 1911.
    The XD will probably run perfect out of the box, and keep going and going and going. For the 1911, you're going to have to run 300-500 rounds through it to get it broken in.(All of my 1911's have been perfect out of the box, but before I ever take them to the range, I polish the feed ramp, detail strip and polish just about every moving part, and am religious about cleaning during the break in period, so YMMV)

    I probably would not go with a 5" 1911 as my primary carry. I carry a Kimber Ultra SS(which can be had in your price range). Even with a 3" barrel, it's a tack driver. For 1911's, the Springfield Loaded is probably the best value for the money, but I love my Kimbers. I've heard good things about the Taurus PT1911, and you get a lot of features for a very reasonable price. Unfortunately, to get it to you at that price, there are a lot of shortcuts taken. It's a nice gun and its fun to shoot. It's a great way to get into the 1911 world without having to spend a lot of money, but it just isn't going to be up there with some of the higher dollar 1911's as far as accuracy, tightness, finish, or just overall feel.

    The XD's are great guns, but it's not fair to compare them to a 1911. They aren't even in the same league.

    It really just comes down to what you like. Be careful about going with a full size 1911 or the XD. If it becomes a hassle to carry it, you probably won't. If I were you, I would go with a 1911 3" or 4". The XD really is a chore to conceal, and it sits on my nightstand. The weight for carry is a non-issue with a quality belt, and especially so with IWB.

    Its possible to conceal just about anything, but since this will be your first carry weapon, do yourself a favor, and make it as easy as possible for you to transition into it.
  4. chevydeerhunter

    chevydeerhunter Well-Known

    Feb 23, 2008
    San Antonio

    Great points! I've shot both and prefer the 1911. I'm sort of biased since I've been shooting 1911's for years. The XD is a great gun, but as was stated before, the grip is going to make it harder to conceal than the single stack 1911.
  5. evilpenguin

    evilpenguin New Member

    Jul 10, 2008
    (first post here)

    im seriously thinking about buying an XD in .40 and am concerned about managing it in concealed carry.

    im an average sized guy, 190 lbs and decently broad across the shoulders.

    i dont know anyone who owns any XD model right now so i cant try it on so to speak.

    there are a lot of things i like about the XD.

    this will be my first handgun btw.
  6. TXB4Z

    TXB4Z Member

    Feb 28, 2008
    Austin, Tx
    I carry my XD-40 daily with no problems. To me it looks like it doesn't print very much.
  7. JKTex

    JKTex Well-Known

    Mar 11, 2008
    DFW, North Texas
    It's already been stated that the 1911, even a full size, will conceal easily. That said.......

    I've got 2 Kimber's. Both 4" barrel's. One Pro which is a full size frame and one Compact which is an officers frame. The Pro is an HD which is a all SS gun, the Compact is a Combat Carry which has an alum frame.

    The Combat Carry is now my daily carry. It's really sweet. Light and the small frame conceals better. However, I've gotten the bobtail bug and may have my HD bobtailed which will make it about as easy to carry as the compact, but still heavier.

    The 4" bull barell is a hell of a lot more accurate that I am. It's and awesome carry gun.

    You can still get a few Kimbers in a Compact including the CDP and the all steel Compact Stainless. That's one sweet all steel carry gun!!!
  8. mac79912

    mac79912 Well-Known BANNED!!!

    Mar 4, 2008
    1911 is my favorite ccw.But the XDs are hard to pass up as they are good guns.
  9. Army 1911

    Army 1911 TGT Addict

    Mar 17, 2008
    Dallas Texas or so
    Get the 1911. Plastic guns should only shoot water.

    Okay so I am prejudiced.

    I carry 1911's daily, 5 inch, 4.25 inch, 4 inch, and 3.5 inch. All with steel frames. I have no problem concealing them. I use an OWB holster and a hawaiian shirt, loose t-shirt or what ever works. A patterned shirt does help conceal "printing" by breaking up the outlines.

    Now if I could just get that longslide to stay in the ankle holster:eek:
  10. Code3GT

    Code3GT Active Member

    Jun 12, 2008
    Thanks everybody, I really respect your advice and it sounds like even a Pro or Ultra Kimber is just as accurate as a 5" and easy to conceal. I think i'll start there and just add to it as necessary, eventually having a full menu of 1911's :) I think an XD would make a great truck/nightstand gun. Thanks again for the all the help!

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