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2013 Gun Rights Policy Conference in Houston

Discussion in 'Activism' started by benenglish, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. SC-Texas

    SC-Texas Moderator Moderator

    Feb 7, 2009
    Houston, TX
    Charles heller. jFPFO

    The founder referred to Jews who are anti gun as bagel brains. Quote from the rabbi.

    We must be careful that we do not exceed fact. Stick to the facts.

    Adopt an alensky tactic from the radical.

    One principal. Find a target and warm it. Adopt one person that you can convert away from anti freedom. Korwinizing the language. Use Alan's terms

    if your pro rights your an activist. If you are anti rights they are a bigot. They are prejudiced against our rights. Do it with love and not animus.

    BNI. Mode of gathering people, together. To know, like and trust them. Use this model. Gather people and warm them, do not use harsh terms that put people off. Do not alienate them. Promote a seed of empowerment. Make it their idea to do some good. People want to make a difference. We can offer them the opportunity to make a difference. We can empower them.

    Getting them from no firearms to one is the great accomplishment. It's not about them buying an arsenal. It's about them buying the first firearm.

    Change hearts and minds. Teach them to shoot. Tools of personal empowerment. Create a culture of empowerment. I.e. A leatherman society.

  2. SC-Texas

    SC-Texas Moderator Moderator

    Feb 7, 2009
    Houston, TX
    Doug Ritter Knife rights

    2nd says arms. Not firearms. It applies to knives. Knife rights is rewriting knife law in America.

    Passed 12 pro knife bills in 11 states and defeated 4 anti knife bills.

    Every knife victory is a firearms victory it's our 2nd amendment also.

    Every victory pays off.

    Persistence. Pays off. If your fail then come back and try the next session.

    In NYC. Thousands have been arrested on bogus knife charges.

    Gun owners who have been arrested have lost their firearms.

    Knife fed rights is the second front in our 2nd amendment fight for rights

    Edwin lee won the bench made auto knife
  3. SC-Texas

    SC-Texas Moderator Moderator

    Feb 7, 2009
    Houston, TX
    Rev Tony Winfield. From NYC.

    Wrote self defense and the bible. No pacifism in the bible. Christ told his disciples to carry swords. Swords replaced by handguns.

    gun control as racism. Reconstruction. The white gov passed gun control to disarm the blacks.

    Racial pride. Tried to tell them about trust doesn't matter for many people. White or black or Christian or Jewish. The agenda is more important than the truth.

    Pistol Packing Preacher
  4. SC-Texas

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    Feb 7, 2009
    Houston, TX
    Timothy wheeler, MD.

    Obamacare and the gun owner. Public health assault on the right to keep and bear arms.

    Fedeal CDC is ground zero for 2nd amendment rights abridgement. Defined gun ownership as a disease. Used tax dollars to support advocacy research in the 90s. Pseudo science.

    Congress defunded the antigun advocacy in 1997. But, under Obama. A formal effort by Obama to restart the anti gun factoid factory. Obama is now enlisting the Academy of Sciences in his plan to change the lives of gun owners.

    Executive action, less than an executive order One of the 16 points was to restore the CDc anti gun research. Wants to set agenda and legitimatize the CDc research.

    Boomberg has has bought a school at Hopkins and is staffing it with anti gun researchers

    insitute of medicine set a workshop with all of the antigun researchers to set an agenda doe the cdc antigun research

    cofcernted effort t start propaganda machine funded by tax dollars and bloombergs millions

    moerated by long time anti gun researchers.

    John vernix. Co director of Hopkins Bloomberg.

    David Hemingway. We know very little about the deterrent effects of guns. Ignored numerous studies. Pretend that any research that goes again t their findings doesn't exist.

    matthew miller. Md. Does injury control research. Argued case for using auto injury reduction techniques. Disc make sense

    julia desilva. Violence prevention office. Typical academic world view. Gun violence is extreme expression of aggression and conflict resolution. Didn't mention self defense as a legitimate use against this very conclusion.

    Greg ridgeway. director national institute of justice. For saints Barbara. Agency intends to May research into user authenticated guns.

    John Frazier. Reminded them that cost benefit analysis of gun ownership is valueless because gun ownership is a fundamental right.

    Paul blackman. NraILA. Previous research not quite textbook epidemiology. Understatement of the conference. Allied for a shift to researching causes of crime.

    The final torpedo. To credibility. . . . . The absence of john Lott. The pre-eminent economist in is area. Not invited Not present.

    Th CDC gun factoid Factory is back. Important to contact congressmen and senators and get them to defund and oppose use of federal tax money to take way our firearms freedoms.
  5. SC-Texas

    SC-Texas Moderator Moderator

    Feb 7, 2009
    Houston, TX
    10 ways we win on guns.

    Richard Feldman.

    Guns are symbolic of our relationship with our government.

    When govt mistrusts citizens re guns they never misused, the govt is not worthy of our trust

    guns are never the problems

    guns in the wrong hands are always the problem

    Shift the discussion away from The issue that puts us on the defense to s
    a winning topic.

    3 aspects of misuse of firearms
    negligent ununtentional misuse of guns
    deranged mentally Ill individuals committing suicide and taking others with the.
    Intentional felonious criminal misuse of guns
    Do things differently.

    Mark Vandenberg

    we are Here about the software. I.e. How to protect the hardware.

    Need people on the ground doing things.

    Get outside our comfort zone. Re people. I always assume the guy next to me is as hardcore as we are. Not always the reality.

    i,e, cowboyT liberal guncast. Liberal with a gun.

    My comment. The real issue is reaching out along the ideological lines of 2nd amendment rather than liberal v conservative.

    Mark. It's not about guns it's about freedom
  6. SC-Texas

    SC-Texas Moderator Moderator

    Feb 7, 2009
    Houston, TX
    Malia Zimmerman.

    hI had their own version of trey trey v Zimmerman. Christopher didi had been drinking after protecting Hillary Clinton. God n fight and didi shot him. Much media bias against didi. Not from HI been drinking. Media jumped on him. Broadcast the opening statements live . . . The turd had his own protesters.

    Hung jury. 8-4. Case dismissed, prosecutor wants to retry

    to counter media bias. Partnered with other media outlets and mass media to bring in differing viewpoints.

    Get on the radio. Get on live programs. Stay respectful. Do not get angry. Many reporters need exposure to bring into the 2a community

    build a relationship with the reporters.

    Herb Stupp.

    Fired by Michael Bloomberg . . . LOL.


    Different kinds of bias

    Cruz v. Wendy Davis. Ones bad ones a hero.

    Focus on reporters who are lazy, don't have comprehensive skills.

    Bias. Gun control play book . . . Need emotional basis

    Need to appeal to a sense of fairness.

    Invite te to shooting events

    use social media to commo with reporters. I.e. Twitter. Reporters have twitter account s fast way to get access

    if needed go to news editor. Get a correction. Offer a correction column.

    Use the media outlet ombudsman

    Give the story to the competitor if one station will not cover

    try to speak with editor. Or media research council.

    Get bloggers interested.

    Get local columnist interested in the issue.

    Complain . . Correct when necessary.

    Kevin price.

    The media is the enemy.

    The us is 3rd in murders. Take out Chicago, New York wash doc and we are in the bottom 4 worldwide.

    The pure nice approach doesn't always work.

    Academia hates america. Academia is providing the skewed statistics that drive the biased anti rights narrative.

    3 biggest institutions in America are liberal

    Voting follows the culture.
    The media and academia is driven by the left.
    The. Voting is liberal

    we must take on the major institutions.

    If we fail we will continue to lose the war on ideas

    the left took socialism more seriously than we took freedom.

    JFK complained about the republican media

    thfleft decided they would coopt media and place ideologies in media institutions

    Degree in journalism Is a degree in liberalism.

    Buy major media.
    Write rich friends and buy liberal media

    hae as truth squads and follow journaliSts and expose them for the liars they are

    we need to do to liberal programs and do to them what the liberals did to Glenn beck. They targeted Glenn's sponsors

    we need to focus on individual liberal media shows and target their sponsors

    don irvine.

    Is their liberal media bias? NYT. Has article about gun violence and children.

    Use Instagram. Photo sharing site. Take a photo
    guns save lives .

    Use hashtag. This will be filtered through this phrase. D

    if interviewed. Stay on topic. Don't go off topic. Don't give them ammo.
  7. SC-Texas

    SC-Texas Moderator Moderator

    Feb 7, 2009
    Houston, TX
    David Black
    Assuring your personal 2A right
    armed citizens

    what if you have to use your firearm for self defense
    what is the battlefront?

    Two fronts
    1. criminal front. Liberty. May be charged with a crime. It doesn't get anymore personal
    five tips. For protecting and assuring your personal
    A. get firearms training. Know how to use your forearm. Be proficient.
    1 Understand lethal force laws
    2. know state laws
    B. get insurance, have protection.
    1. Do I have reasonable force coverage under homeowners
    2. Personal umbrella policy with reasonable force coverage for away from the home
    3. civil liability coverage for intentional acts protecting life and property
    4. Make sure you aren't underinsured.
    5. At least 1 mill plup
    C. Legal defense protection
    2. civil front. Financial well being

    legal defense policy compensates your for incurred legal expenses. Lawyers and experts.
    1. When does the policy pay!
    2. Make sure the policy pays as you incur expenses
    3. Don't buy from criminal act defense policy agent. You have to prove you aren't a criminal before it pays

    Ted Grace

    Defenders choice. Not a prepaid legal like TLS, or reimburses you after your acquittal. It is an insurance backed legal product for members.
    If you have to use your firearm in self defense , defenders choice will help reimburse the expenses as you incur them during your trial. Hire attorney of your choice.
  8. SC-Texas

    SC-Texas Moderator Moderator

    Feb 7, 2009
    Houston, TX
    Re journalist. Never talk to media? No research who you are talking to. Be careful. Stay on topic. Okay to invite them to a shoot

    might be enlightening to invite media to a shoot if managed correctly
    @ Black. Who backs the defenderschoice. For the big bills. Who is the underwriter? An A+ 13. Up to premium policy. 25/50 & 100k limits

    @price. How do we combat media that is bought by the otherside . . I.e. NBC who purchased the weather channel. Sci-fi channel.
    create our own media.
    CBS is ripe to be purchased. Koch bros could buy CBS
    Countering. The media is our ideological enemy. Again target shows. Expose each lie. Go after the sponsors Learn from the left.

    @texas insurance law. Diff. Between renters and homeowners. Similar policies. From liability standpoint. Review policy with agent. Reasonable force coverage.
  9. SC-Texas

    SC-Texas Moderator Moderator

    Feb 7, 2009
    Houston, TX
    Sorry for the typos. Was typing on an iPad as they were speaking.
  10. benenglish

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    Nov 22, 2011
    Thanks, Sean, for the comprehensive play-by-play. I'll just add a few thoughts and pictures.

    Most of the speakers were on Saturday and many of the attendees were flying out today. That means the crowd was down and people were trickling out all day. Still, the core of folks were there.


    Although the conference stuck strongly to the schedule, there were occasions when audience questions were taken even during presentations. Just out of curiosity, where in the bloody hell do hotels and casinos find those incredibly ugly carpets? I've never figured that out.


    One of the most effective speakers was a gun-totin' preacher from New York who was dutifully recorded by his daughter...


    then immediately mobbed by well-wishers as soon as he stepped off the dais, so much so that he had to move outside to talk to all the people who wanted to shake his hand.


    The Social Media panel had some great pointers. Obviously, I chose which speaker to shoot completely at random. ;)


    Social media was definitely a big deal during the whole thing. Lots of folks were posting to web sites or live-tweeting the event...


    ...and the JFPO President was recording the entire thing. I assume it will be available somewhere, sometime.


    For the last shot inside the hall, the sponsor banners. I found them pretty interesting. Who knew there was a "Gun Club @ Microsoft"?


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