80 Weapons Stolen From Trailers


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Jul 16, 2008


HUFFMAN, Texas -- A burglar stole enough automatic weapons to equip an entire platoon, Harris County investigators told KPRC Local 2 Wednesday.

WATCH IT: High-Powered Firearms Stolen From Storage

Officials said 60 AK-47 assault rifles and 20 Mac-10 machine pistols are on the streets after they were stolen in a heist in Huffman.

"I'm upset because that many guns got to the public where they could cause death or damage somebody," said Carl Poteet, the owner of Poteet Dirt Yard.

Harris County investigators said the victim had been renting a space at the dirt yard off East FM 1960, and storing his weapons and other items in trailers.

Investigators said the man has a federal firearms license and bought the weapons 15 years ago as an investment.

Poteet said the man came to check the trailers last week and realized all of the weapons were gone.

"They broke in and found them, but they didn't stumble across them," Poteet said. "They were looking for something."

Poteet said he had no idea what his customer was storing on his land.

He said whoever stole the weapons cut through the roof and the floors of the trailers so that nothing would look out of place. He said that makes it even more difficult to determine when the weapons were stolen.

Investigators said all of the weapons were packed in their original boxes and sealed in plastic.

Poteet said the weapons owner has the serial numbers and will give them to the authorities.

This crime is a concern for the authorities due to the firepower of these weapons.

For instance, James Freeman shot and killed game warden Justin Hurst after firing at officers with an AK-47 and a Glock, investigators said. Freeman was accused of hunting illegally and leading officers on a high-speed chase.

There are also the incidents involving the "Careless Crew." The group terrorized Kroger shoppers and workers during robberies, waving an AK-47 and firing shots inside a store.


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Mar 11, 2008
DFW, North Texas
In my mind, things just aren't all adding up...

Exactly. Wonder what the trailers are that he has them stashed in now?

ON another note, I like how the media points out the "firing power" of the weapons then they cite the incident with an AK47 and a Glock. Damn, the guy was ready for a James Bond style international weapons war.... Good thing the guy didn't go to Walmart and buy a high powered weapons, like a deer rifle.
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