9mm AR Build

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    I have had a few requests and PMs for me to do a build thread for my 9mm SBR AR build. First, it's ironic that anyone would ask for this type of information from me since I know relatively nothing about building ARs. So the most important part of this build was recruiting the right build team: AaronP220 and Das Jared. Luckily for me I have friends with a wealth of build experience. I have however studied every forum and website I could find regarding the parts, etc. I wanted this to be primarily a range toy, but I also wanted it to accept Glock 9mm magazines. I love the Glock 9mm platform, I thought what better way to cement that love than an AR build thats Glock Mag compatible.

    I've wanted to do this build for about 3 years. At first I was going to buy the lower from a company called Double Diamond Law Enforcement Supply (DDLES). A quick google search will find you multiple pages of customer complaints, etc. because the owner of that company would charge people for "in-stock" items and then deliver many months/years later. They went out of business and left a lot of folks without lowers. While I could have bought a DDLES on Gunbroker, etc., I passed because I just felt I couldn't support them. It was a shame since, by most accounts, DDLES had the best Glock Mag AR lower. Enter Quarter Circle 10 ("QC 10"). QC10 now owns the right/design of the DDLES lower. I've read several glowing customer reviews that they've been a very awesome company to deal with, so I decided to jump on it. They will not bill you or take your order unless the item is in-stock. I had to wait a few days, but sure enough their website listed them in-stock and I placed my order. Purchased 1 Glock Small Frame Lower which totaled with shipping, etc. to my FFL (aka my dad) was $290.60. They shipped it the same day as my order.

    Immediately started ordering the parts below since it was going to be a few weeks before I'd be seeing my dad. Picked up the lower at Christmas Day Lunch with the parents. Took the lower over to Keith at NFA Investments to do the engraving. Form 1 is now filed. Once I get the stamp in a month or so, my expert build team will slap it together and we'll go tweak it till it runs right. Thanks in advance to Aaron and Jared.

    The Part List:

    QC 10 GSF 9mm Lower...$290.60
    Spike’s LPK+KNS Pins...$80.00
    Magpul CTR Stock... $56.95
    Magpul BAD Lever...$28.45
    Geiselle SSA-E Trigger... $230.00
    VLTOR Buffer Tube... $44.60
    QD End Plate (Magpul ASAP)... $28.45
    Castle Nut... $10

    Lower Total: $769.05

    VLTOR MUR Upper w/ No Forward Asst... $170.95
    Quentin Defense KMR 9” Rail... $149.00
    ADCO 5” Barrel Threaded ½” x 28... $170.00
    JP 9mm Bolt... $249.95
    JP 9mm Silent Captured Spring... $149.95
    PRI Gas Buster Charging Handle... $100.00
    BCM Keymod Vertical Grip Short... $39.95
    BCM Keymod Quick Detach Sling Mount... $17.95

    Upper Total: $1,047.75

    Incidentals/Already Purchased:
    Aimpoint T1 Mico 4MOA Larue Mount... $674.00
    AAC TiRant 9mm... $850 (although you get them now from SilencerShop for $400)
    ATF Tax Stamp for Can... $200.00
    ATF Tax Stamp For Lower... $200.00

    Incidentals: $1924.00

    GRAND TOTAL INVESTED (Including tax stamps, can, and optics): $3,767.80.
    Grand Total For Gun Only (excluding tax stamps, can, and optics): $1,843.80

    Please note: most prices represent MSRP. I didn't pay MSRP for all parts except the lower, barrel, bolt and buffer. Prices also do not include tax and shipping, except for the lower which includes tax and shipping.


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    Cool! Tag.
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    Me too

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    I've been wanting to build one myself. So I'm tagging myself.
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    Jul 20, 2012

    sent from Jennifer Lawrence's bedroom
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    Jun 24, 2012
    What's the purpose of a 9mm AR or is a just because kind of thing?
  7. Younggun

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    Jul 31, 2011
    hill co.

    I love me some pistol caliber carbine. TACTICAL!
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    Have you ever shot a 9mm carbine? Tons of fun. Even the high points.
  9. Younggun

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    hill co.

    I have an Uzi that's soon to be SBR'd and a CX4 that I got for the wife that will also get a trim. They are the most fun guns that I own and always the most popular with new shooters.

    I'm sure 9mm AR is somewhere in my future.
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    Looking forward to this as well.

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