A2 or A3 upper?

Which style upper?

  • A2

    Votes: 1 2.7%
  • A3

    Votes: 35 94.6%
  • I don't care

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Nov 24, 2008
Mito, Japan/Georgetown, Texas
Looking at a 7.62x39 AR-15 for a brush gun and plinker, and wanted to know if I should get the A2 which is in stock, or the A3 and wait for it. Gonna put a small scope or laser on it, and a sling, and that's it. It will be a 16" carbine, and will be used for pig shooting.

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Apr 28, 2008
Texas Panhandle
I would wait for the A3.

I have an A2 upper with a 20" barrel but I'm shooting NRA High Power in the Service Rifle class. From what I can understand, the A2 has a little more available elevation on the rear sight than the A3 version with the detachable carry handle. But that is something you won't have to worry about since you're going with a scope. The A3 upper will give you lots of options for sights, etc. and be a little more comfortable to shoot than trying to use a scope on top of the carrry handle on the A2.


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Mar 5, 2008
Texas of course
I went with the A3 myself cause you have more options. If you decided you don't like the raised scope/redot (which is hard to get a good cheekweld on) you can remove the carry handle and mount it lower. I keep the carry handle on mine and just use the irons sights on my SHTF rifle. This is the same setup I used on several deployments (minus the PEQ-2) and it work great for me.



Oct 17, 2008
Round Rock
I'd wait for the A3. Way more options for sighting. Since you want to put a scope on it, the A3 will do better. Putting scopes atop carry handles makes cheek weld difficult. With the A3 you can get a set of flip up BUIS, and mount optics to have the best of both worlds.
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