Ducks for Meat and Eggs.

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    What's hatching?
    10 Khaki Campbell Ducks
    Moved just under a year ago from city to rural. Long dream of mine and the wife's. We took this time to ease into things getting to know the area, house and land. So this is the 2nd "Farm" animal\s we're getting.

    Goal with all our livestock choices is an easy to raise and care for breed that produces what we like to eat and that we can break even with by selling or trading the extra they produce.

    Choice was made to go with ducks because they seem to be easier than chickens according to just about everyone we've talked with and the resources we've researched.

    Found a local breeder of Khaki Campbells via Craigslist she hatches her own and agreed to pop out 10 of them for me.

    Why 10? Well our family averages about 4 eggs a day. The 10 are a straight run so may include male and female. I hope to get at least 4 females and if the rest are male then we'll meat locker all but one of the males.

    I'm using this as my feed plan:

    Here's my setup so far. I need to a bit more to do tonight and I pick them up tomorrow. I've been monitoring the temp of the brooder for 12 hours now and things are looking good.


    Pic from the breeder.



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    Watch where you step.
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    Man after heart surgery duck is wayyyyy off limits
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    My wife likes duck meat.

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    Duck eggs are great eating. That reminds me. I'm out. About time for another run to Dan's and get a few dozen.

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    Feb 23, 2017
    Dear sirs and madams,

    Ducks are GREAT for eating! They are TERRIBLE as pets though. My daughter used to raise them and they are LOUD and STINKY! They disappeared every now and then and we blamed it on feral cats! HAHA!

    I have been meaning to start raising them again for the eggs especially, but it is a lot of work and I do not get around like I used to!

    Thanks kindly,
  7. matefrio

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    I tried the family with duck eggs before this. We got free muscovy eggs for over a month from a friend who didn't like them. Everyone thought they tasted just like chicken eggs at this house.

    Baking with them was amazing. Pancakes were so fluffy they almost floated off the pan.

    Cooking the duck eggs we learned they do need a lower longer heat. Try and cook them scrambled, omelet or sunny side up at the same pace as chicken eggs and you'll get more rubbery eggs.
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    Where are you located/

    I love the taste of duck!
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    You may also want to look at KEETS. = EASY to raise, do well on "pasture" with little supplemental feeding much of the year (thus CHEAP to raise), GREAT EATING meat/eggs & GREAT "watchdogs", too.

    yours, satx
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    We have a friend that trades duck eggs to us. They are wonderful for baking and such, VERY flavorful.

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