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Jun 13, 2008
houston tx
i just wanted to give a report on my gun and how they shoot beside i have nothing else to do right

the first one is the s&w sigma 40ve i have about 900 rounds threw it not one ftf or fte. i love this gun but i hate the trigger it still has a long pull. i carry it sometime i got a high noon holster for it but it is kinda big to carry everday


the next gun is the bersa thunder 380c.c this is my everyday carry gun i have about 600 round threw it it has a few ftf's still not sure about this gun i might sell it and buy a glock 23 ialso have a high noon holster for it


the last gun is my favorite i love this one i have about 700 round and only one ftf if you are looking for a cheap wheelgun buy this one the rossi 6inch 357 the only part i hate about this gun is cleaning it .it take forever lol

well that it for now hope i help somebody

Bill C.

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Feb 14, 2009
Fort Worth
I know a lot of people rag on the Sigma.. I have one that works perfectly.. The feel of the grip in realy nice.. the trigger is what it is.. It's never going to feel like a SA auto.. So far about 500 rounds without a failure.. I should have bought two of them..
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