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Apr 13, 2018
Fun thread for guns we have learned on when we were kids or using to teach our kids/other family members.

My son is 3, so he’s got a while, but being a father makes me buy guns just to put away. When he’s mentally mature enough I have a ruger sr22 pistol, a 10/22 and a American 22 mag rifle ready for him to learn on. Also a cva 20 gauge when the time is right. What’s also cool is before my son was born, my wife never really took much thought into guns or training. Now that she’s a mother I know her eyes have been opened. She will be getting my xds in 9mm. She’s pretty good with most handguns. Family and guns is a fun combo. Lots of fun times ahead.


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Nov 27, 2013
I learned on a break action single shot 410 shotgun and a Ruger Single Six .22.

Actually, before those, I learned with BB and pellet guns, both long and short.
I think my first BB rifle was similar to this:

And my first pellet pistol was a Marksman .177 like this one: and this

Just remembered that I was always the kid that spent his paper route $ at the traveling carnival that had shooting galleries when they came to town.
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Aug 24, 2013
when I grew up or thought I was at 10 Years old. I demanded my dad let me shoot his SXS 10Ga.

I learned not to demand things after one shot.

By today's standards both my parents should be felons and I would have been in foster care.

I guess They must have done something correct I have never been in jail lol


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Sep 22, 2017
Good excuse to buy more guns. My older daughter is starting to show an interest so I think I'm going to start her on an airsoft rifle to get her used to the mechanics of shooting in a non-intimidating environment. I thought about taking her to the Oct meet but I don't think she's quite ready.

She also is showing an interest in wanting to learn archery but unfortunately I can't help her with that so I need to find a place to take her.


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Mar 19, 2008
Kerr County
Daisy Red Rider BB, Benjamin pump(s), Mossberg .410 bolt action, .22 bolt action, 22 Colt Woodsman and more that I forgot.
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