How fast can you fire a Winchester Model 94?


Aug 3, 2020
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What is the world record for rapid fire of an unmodified lever job?

That is with an unmodified standard production gun. Fun fact is you should know that Chuck Connors' prop gun in The Rifleman is a pure Hollywood gimmick. The John M. Browning design of the 94 came after the time frame the TV program was set in anyway.

"Westerns were popular when The Rifleman premiered (in 1958), and producers tried to find gimmicks to distinguish one show from another. The Rifleman's gimmick was a modified Winchester Model 1892 rifle, with a large ring lever drilled and tapped for a set screw. The lever design allowed him to cock the rifle by spinning it around his hand. In addition, the screw could be positioned to depress the trigger every time he worked the lever, allowing for rapid fire, emptying the magazine in under five seconds during the opening credits on North Fork's main street.

The trigger-trip screw pin was used in two configurations: with the screw head turned inside (close to the trigger) or, more often, outside the trigger guard with a locknut on the outside (to secure its position). In some episodes, the screw was removed, when rapid-fire action was not required. When properly adjusted, the screw “squeezed” the trigger when the lever was fully closed. The rapid-fire mechanism was originally designed to keep Connors from puncturing his finger with the trigger as he quickly cycled the action of the rifle. With this modification, it was not necessary for Connors to pull the trigger for each shot and therefore he did not have to place his finger in harm's way." Rifleman's gimmick was,tapped for a set screw.&text=The rapid-fire mechanism was,the action of the rifle.



Sep 5, 2014
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What's this guy's speedy technique?
That’s Jim Finch, aka Longhunter, a National and World Champion in SASS.

With the exception of the gun, he explains his secrets in the video.

The rifle is a Winchester 1873 clone, considered by many as the fastest rifle in CAS/SASS. His is highly modified like most in the game. Besides internals being slicked up, the lever throw has been shortened as well.

His speed is fairly common, with others (usually the pups) being faster.


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Nov 1, 2015
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Love levers but that's a Marlin isn't it?
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