Howdy from a re-patriated Texan

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May 17, 2009
Dallas Texas
Lived in TX since 1983. Spent the last 4 years living outside Texas, had to leave to find a job. Now I'm back. Going to stay this time, won't repeat the mistake of leaving Texas again.

Spent the last two years in California. Best day ever was a couple months ago when the boss called and said I was being laid off. My first thought was "Now I get to return to Texas!" I gotta say, it's great to breathe free air again. I had a gig that allowed me to drive across Arizona once a month. I loaded up the company car with every firearm I had and made sure to stay in Yuma to shoot at their free outdoor range (Adair Range). Built myself a CA-legal AR-15. Yes such a thing does exist and you would not believe how complicated and twisted the gun laws are there, and how they are starting to fall in the face of legal attacks from organized CA gun owners (Calguns foundation & They are truly under attack from the anti-gunners but fighting back and they are winning. I sold the AR-15 rifle before I bugged out, needed the money. Managed to hang on to everything else.

So I'm still looking for a gig. Know anyone hiring in high tech (RF/Microwave, test equipment, software, semiconductor) direct sales (BSEE+MBA), I'm the guy. DFW Area, will not relocate.

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