I found a baby locked in a car today

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    I pulled into Lowes today and was walking towards the door when I heard a baby crying. No biggie, you hear that kind of thing often enough. As I was walking, I saw a woman sitting in a car (it had a car seat in the back seat) and figured it must be in her car. However, as I got next to her car, I noted that it was coming from the SUV next to her. The windows were cracked an inch, it was 90F (I'm on business in LA), and it was noon. I didn't see anyone in the vehicle, so I walked up to see if there really was a crying baby in the car......YEP! Son of B*$&$^!!!!! The lady in the car next to the SUV said that she knew there was a baby in there and that her friend went in to tell the Lowes people about (these 2 ladies are a third party, just to clarify that they are not friends of the person who left the baby locked in the car).

    Okay, I don't see this as a 'complain to the manager' situation, this is a full-out-call-911-and-don't-let-nobody-leave-with-this-child issue to me.......there was no way I was going to let somebody walk up and go home with that child. They had not even called 911, so I flipped out my phone and did it myself. I told the 911 operator that we needed police & rescue here right now, please hurry. I gave all the pertinent info (vehicle make/model, license plate, and color). The baby was probably 6 months old, had sweat beading on it's forehead and it's clothes were wet from sweat. I was getting really pissed at the whole situation.

    I checked all the doors, locked. Once I had determined the doors were all locked, a couple of managers from the Lowes were making their way out. They checked the doors (I guess it's human nature), I was right....they were still locked. I started telling the managers that we needed to bust a window and get that baby out. That's when the doors unlocked. The 'mom' was coming out, escorted by some people that had been looking for the 'wonderful' parent of this poor overheated child.

    We immediately started to get the baby out, the mom (really, I use this term lightly here) was asking 'is he okay?' She worked her way up to the door & got the poor thing out of his car seat. I was standing right behind her giving colorful commentary (no reason to get into all that on here). She finally turned around to me and was responding to a question I asked when she started looking pale and shakey. I took the baby & she fainted on the concrete. Great, it's going from really bad to slightly worse. We have an overheated baby and a passed out mom. I called 911 again to let them know the mom was now present and that I really wanted the police & rescue there.

    I turned to one of the Lowes managers and asked them to go get some water to help cool the baby. He immediately ran back to the store. This is about the time I realized that we should probably get that little thing inside...so we went into the store. The manager had some water bottles and met me at the door. I held the baby while he poured some water on it's head.

    The police and ambulance arrive! Thank goodness, I was about to make sure that lady had hit her head really good when she fell. I handed the baby to one of the ladies that was helping me and the manager so I could go talk to the officer.

    It's a long story and I'm getting mad again, so lets just say mom & baby both went to the hospital. The police had Childrens Services meeting them at the hospital and they said that they will definitely press charges against the mom. I called the police department a little while ago and they did tell me that the baby is okay now.

    Just because you CAN have children does not mean that you SHOULD have children.

    Rant over.....

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    Good job!!!!!
  3. Texas42

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    Nov 21, 2008
    holy cow!!
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    Was mom hot?
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    Dam King!
    Glad all worked out.
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    Good job.
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    had that happen on base at the commissary on FT. Carson, the soldier that saw it didnt bat an eye, he just busted out the window and then called 911.
  8. Texas42

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    Nov 21, 2008
    Seems appropriate to me.
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    Well done. Your a good man!
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    Good job , Glad the baby is ok.


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