I'm done with Google....


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Dec 28, 2012
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Google has been getting more and more invasive. First they willingly turn over everything they can to the NSA and then proudly exclaim how much data they turned over. That was pretty bad in my book, I should have left them then. Now I try to comment on a relaoding video on youtube and suddenly I'm TOLD I need to comment with my full name and no longer the internet nickname I've used for ages? This is ridiculous. I know the NSA can link everything to my actual name but I sure as hell don't want random people on youtube to have the same luxury.

I'm now currently in the process of downloading Mozilla again (and probably grabbing one of the privacy plugins that people are now putting out for it). I'm am going to no longer search the internet using google (I should have started using Startpage.com a long time ago when I found out about it). As soon as it comes out of beta testing I will also use startmail and gladly pay the fee they will charge. I'm even tempted to sell my Android (Galaxy SII that I paid full price for) and switch to an Iphone or maybe even just go back to a good old dumb phone (if its even possible anymore). I have been a computer nerd all my life and have been using google since I could remember (back in the days of the slogal "do no evil") but enough is enough I refuse to let these people destroy my privacy and anonymity. If I had the money I swear I would just start a farm somewhere a just sustain myself on that with no tech ties to the outside world.

/end rant

Anyone else sick and freaking tired of technology taking over our lives?


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Jan 24, 2011
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As long as you don't "Google" Texas, Guns, Liberty, Tea Party, Pick Up Truck, Constitution, Patriot, Rule of Law, Bible, Christian, Right to Life, and Bomb-Making, you should be good to go!


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Sep 29, 2009
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Lol, google has been crap for a very long time.

Don't forget that if you use an android phone, they will be happy to give your location and anything on it to the feds too.

Of course, apple logs your phone's location and keeps it easily accessible to anyone who wants to plug it into a reader and download your location history. Probably get all sorts of other data off it too. And having a password on the phone won't help.


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Aug 21, 2013
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Google's ball and they make (and change) the rules at their whim. Their PicasaWeb was once great for photos, particularly handy for keeping clients updated on their projects progress, until G+ came out. Now Google unilaterally decided to redirect all PicaasWeb photo links through their G+ banner crapola trying to get folks to sign up. You can kludge it by adding a noredirect=1 in any link to a photo you send, but that is a royal PITA.

I get it that's it's a free service, but I would rather pay for the ability to do it the way I want rather than having my cheese continually moved, and being forced to jump through Google' hoops whenever they feel like moving it.

I'm fed up with them, and their insidious, unrelenting data revenue shennagins at the expense of privacy, myself.



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