Makarov if you MUST do 9mm !


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Feb 29, 2008
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I am a very strong proponent of the 9mm chamberings. It is, after all a very economical round. When one finishes a session of practice with a 9mm, one has only to iron out the dents in the paper targets and stow them for the next trip to the range.


(One would never surmise that I am a staunch 1911-.45 ACP afficinado)


I trim 9x19 brass to 9 Makarov length, prime, pour a whole TWO GRAINS of Bullseye in, seat a 90 gr cast RN innit and have a dern blast. Or maybe I should say I have a "POP".

As far as I am concerned, the MAK is a fine pistol and the round is a happy compromise when one wants a compact carry piece AND some authority.

I have tested the above recipe, albiet using THREE grains of Bullseye by shooting a stack of wet newspaper. I did not take time to record the depth of penetration in terms of inches, millimetres or even hectophosphoincrements. I can tell ya this: those little balls went far enough that I would rather not be shot with one.

For the sake of maintaining a decent reputation, I won't reveal that I have chucked those 90 gr cast bullets in my lathe and made hollow points out of them. No telling what you guys would think of me if I let that out.



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