My M&P - range report and pics

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  • Reacher

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    Nov 14, 2008
    Grand Prairie, TX
    I bought an M&P 40 a couple weeks back and thought I'd post about it.

    I chose the M&P because I liked the feel of it better than a Glock or XD/XDm. I think they are all fine guns, but this one felt best to me. After experimenting, I have discovered that even though I have medium sized hands, I like the large backstrap the best. I like the easy takedown on this gun and cleaning has been a breeze.

    The trigger on mine is pretty smooth but very heavy. I estimate it around 8-10lbs. I will see about getting a little trigger work done to it, but I am happy to report none of the 'gritty' feeling that others have had. The sights are low profile and were right on out of the box. I got the one with the external safety. I just like knowing I have that extra precaution. (when I drill, I practice thumbing the safety down every time I draw) The recoil isn't bad and muzzle flip is very manageable. The only brawback I have is readjusting my grip from my STI.

    I've put 250rds through it so far with no FTF/FTE. I am very happy.

    Here are some pics.

    All these were shot at 7yds

    Here is 20rds at 3yds

    My well used knife.


    Big country

    TGT Addict
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    Mar 6, 2009
    Cedar Park,TX
    FROM 7 YARDS a blind man cloud hit that! I'm just kidding great shooting man now move back to 10 and see how she does glad that you posted a report a friend has been asking about an M&P, now I have some thing to tell him.


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    Nov 14, 2008
    Grand Prairie, TX
    The range I went to (Marksman off Galveston Rd in South Houston) had lines painted on the range. I didn't know how far they were, but after I shot I went and found out. I'd prefer lines at 5, 10, 15 and 25yrds. This range only had them at 3 & 7 with 18yds being the max distance.


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    Feb 21, 2008
    Austin, TX
    Cool! Looks like your groupings are pretty decent. M&P's are great guns too. Fist sized groupings as fast as you can shoot them is usually ideal.

    As far as the trigger goes, you might check this guy out as I hear he does excellent work for the M&P's:

    Smith and Wesson M & P


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    Sep 20, 2008
    3, 7 and 18 are the distances for the CHL, I have been contemplating an M&P, but my XD has too strong of a hold right now.....


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    May 23, 2009
    Reacher The M&P full size 9mm I own will consistently group 2" from a horizontal rest for your forearms at 50 ' .I haven't owned a 9mm of any other make that will do this from my hands . One of the pistols was a Sig. 226 in 9mm. I think the 40 S&W should do as well since the M&P was first developed for 40S&W.
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