New user from Siberia (Russia)

Hi guys! I'm from Krasnoyarsk City.
In Russia handguns is prohibited, but we are trying to contend for our rights of selfdefence.

Now Russian [SIZE=-1]citizens can buy only "less lethal" guns. It shoot rubber bullets (not enough power, not enough accuracy). Even cops can carry guns only in work time.

Texas gun lows is a best model for us.

Sorry for my english.


P.S. In siberian cities no bears


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Oct 13, 2008
Houston Metro
Очень приятно! Могу ли я позже позадавать вам вопросы об оружии в техасе?
Сейчас у нас уже ночь. Спать пора :)
Have a nice night. Your English is far better than my Russian, so we should probably stick with English here :)


Mar 22, 2008
Pasadena, TX
Howdy from Texas

Glad to have you aboard and welcome to the forum. There are alot of gun owners here that would learn a lot from the history of your country. IF we are not careful the newly elected President will try and take our firearms away. HOwever, there will be hell to pay when they try.

Interesting note is that alot of our popular ammunition comes from Russia, Wolf and Monarch brands to name two.

Again welcome and I look forward to conversing.

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