SOLD Ruger P89 pistol [San Antonio]


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Apr 10, 2009
San Antonio
Used Ruger P89 handgun, 9mm 4.5" barrel, one 15 round magazine, ergonomic Hogue grip, ambidextrous safety.

This handgun has an undetermined number of rounds through it. I got it a few years back from my step-father and he bought it used quite awhile ago. The serial number indicates that it's an early model, probably around 1993. I feel it looks great for it's age.

I've fired it a few times over the years but put a buddy and I put about 50 rounds through it a couple weeks ago. It fired without issue. I'm only selling it to make room for other toys.


FTF in SATX. Have valid/current Texas DL or LTC. Must be legal to own a firearm.

Ruger P89 2.jpg

Ruger P98 1.jpg

Ruger P89 3.jpg


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Jan 9, 2014
Those P models are some of the most reliable/accurate carry guns in my oldpinion. I have a few sets of factory plastic grip panels if someone who buys this needs a bit smaller girth to hang onto...I'll mail 'em a set. Just PM me their name/addy when they buy it. Great price considering the times and growing scarcity of these older ones!


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Jun 22, 2021
Man I wish you were closer to me I would take this in a heartbeat! Good luck on the sale!

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Sep 3, 2018
Plano, TX
I have both the stainless and the black Ruger P89DC (decocker only) version of this pistol along with the .45ACP P90DC version. These Ruger P series pistols are built like a tank and function great. If this was being sold locally to me I would probably buy it even though I don't need it. :D

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