Tables Turned on Alleged carjacker at southwest Houston apartments

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  • matefrio

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    Jan 19, 2010
    Missouri, Texas Consulate HQ
    Alleged carjacker shot, killed at southwest Houston apartments | Houston

    HOUSTON -- An alleged carjacker was shot and killed when his intended victim turned the tables on him early Tuesday at a southwest Houston apartment complex.

    Just as he sat down in the car, he heard a knock on his window. When he rolled it down, he found himself staring right at a gun. The suspect demanded his car. The two began to struggle and the intended victim managed to wrestle away the would-be robber's own gun to shoot the suspect.

    Neighbors say they are relieved. They believe the alleged carjacker may be the same person that's struck other people's cars in the complex before.


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    Mar 30, 2009
    Guadalupe Co.
    Why ask the question then? Why NOT roll down the window?

    Is it the fact that I asked it as a question rather then stating it as something I wouldn't have personally done the part that's got your panties all bunched up there, Sally?

    OK, I'll rephrase......

    "Happy ending, but I wouldn't have rolled down the window, as I don't to talk to anyone, known or not, from inside my vehicle.
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