Texan stuck in Illinois

Howdy y'all
Yes it's true I am in Illinois:banghead: I was born and raised in Texas with a gun in hand. Meet my wife through my lil bro. who was going to A&M (whoop) my wife was in the same outfit in the CORPS and introduced us. She graduated from vet school and we got married. She took an internship here in Illinois and thank god it will end soon and we will be back in Texas I can tell some crazy stories about the people up here WOW. Not all bad of course but some of these folks es cheese has done slid off there crackers


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Mar 19, 2009
Richmond, Tx
howdy ya'll
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well i'm told there is a difference between a yankee and a dam yankee. a yankee comes south but goes home and a dam yankee stays. texas has been my home now for 22 years.


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Apr 27, 2008
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