WTS/T AR Parts and Reloading Components

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  1. derdek

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    Nov 23, 2008
    Austin, TX
    WTS (all prices are FTF in Austin. Won't ship primers or powder, but anything else just ask and I can figure out shipping)
    -2,000 CCI #500 small pistol primers - $60
    -500 Remington 9mm 124gr JHP bullets. New, not pulls. Loose packed in a plastic bag - $70
    -1x 1lb jug of Hodgdon HS6 - $20
    -1x 4lb jug of Hodgdon Longshot - $75
    -Berry's plated bullets 9mm 250ct box (actually about 245 in the box as a couple were removed and I have no idea where they went) - $20
    -Buy all the above reloading stuff for $230
    - A2 Buttstock Kit (includes tube, buffer, spring, stock body w/ trapdoor, spacer, screw, and sling swivel) Like new. Installed and then removed, no rounds fired - $55, or trade for a new/like vltor 5 pos mil spec buffer tube and carbine spring

    - Black Magpul CTR Milspec in like new condition. 8x Black 30rd windowed Pmags (non M rev) still in wrappers. Hoping to trade for CTR, mags, and full MIAD kit in FDE or FG. I don't care about having windows on traded mags so long as the mag is in new/like new condition. And I'd like to put a couple of my mags toward the MIAD. Would like to trade as kit, as I'm on the fence about whether to go FDE or FG. Don't want to end up with a mixed kit

    Contact via email (jdm0506@gmail.com) is preferred as I usually only hop on here a couple times a week.

  2. MadMo44Mag

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    Jan 23, 2009
    Where you at?
    Interest in reloading stuff.

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