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      Mossberg Shockwave – Legal Means of Carrying?

      This hinges on how the State of Texas, and not the Federal Government, defines or categorizes the Shockwave. The two are often not in sync on such definitions. The Feds define it as not a rifle, pistol, or shotgun; but as other. But how does Texas law define it? If Texas defines it as a long...
    2. P

      March for 2nd amendment

      I see these kids walking out of school and people marching to demonstrate their views against gun rights. I say let's all have March to support our 2nd amendment right. I'm in San anAnton and I say lets meet tomorrow. I don't open carry but this is when I will. We all March with rifles and...
    3. W

      Mossberg Shockwave: legal to open carry?

      Greetings fellow shooters. My first post and I have a question. In our state of Texas, would the Mossberg 590 Shockwave be legal to open carry? Best Regards.
    4. C

      Open Carry at Church

      Does anyone know of any churches in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that will allow congregation members to open-carry on church grounds and/or inside the sanctuary? On the flip-side, does anyone belong to a church that has decided NOT to allow their members to open-carry?
    5. E

      Open carry to exercise your right. Concealed for defense.

      Noticed a man open carry in a high crime area (In Mississippi - I reside back and forth between the two states) with his whole family today. I fully support him doing so; however, I don't believe open carry is functional for more than exercising your right (which is increasingly important for...
    6. C

      Texas Officer Caught On Camera Trying To Delete Video Of Unlawful Arrest/Detainment

      Texas Cop Violates 1st, 2nd, & 4th Amendments To US Constitution In Seconds http://junkyarddog911.blogspot.com/2014/12/texas-officer-caught-on-camera-trying.html I thought police in Texas new better by now:banghead:
    7. P

      Open Carry HB106 and "dual points of resistance"

      There is a new TX House Bill 106 that if passed would allow open carry so long as it is "carried in a shoulder or belt holster with at least dual points of resistance". A copy of the originally submitted bill is attached. However, it does not define "dual points of resistance". Forgive a...
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