1. F

    Israeli Secret Service Active Shooter Doctrine

    New class down in San Antonio, TX Oct. 31-Nov. 1. or Here's a video comparing and explaining the israeli technique covered in the class:
  2. F

    The El Force Multiplier Drill...Slower & Weaker

    This is a drill that I've grown fond of as of late. Let's see your progress people!
  3. StevenC.

    Shot Calling

    SHOT-CALLING is SELF-CALLING Calling your shot is easy: You sight the gun, you press the trigger, and the very last thing you saw (coupled with a little introspection on what you felt) tells you where that shot went. You know the shot went left because you saw the sights drift left at...
  4. J

    Brackettville TX

    We have a great range at Ft. Clark Springs, also have a monthly IDPA shoot. There are also a number of ranges in both Del Rio 40 miles west of us and in Uvalde TX also 40 miles away but to the East.
  5. C

    14 year old shoots it out with 43 year old victim

    It seems these wannabe thugs are getting younger, or I am just getting older. A man had accused a 14 year old of burglary, and he did have a record of it. So the kid walks up to him at his home and starts shooting, can you guess what happens? JYD Points Of View - TheJunkYardNews: 14 Year Old...
  6. CoyoteRun

    Carbine & Pistol: Vehicle Operations Class

    Jul 26 at 9:00am to Jul 27 at 5:00pm Austin Gun Club2901 County Road 206, Lampasas, Texas 76550 Super last minute and I apologize but just got my membership approved. :) Syllabus: The morning sessions will be heavy shooting sessions with a focus on marksmanship, tactics in pairs or...
  7. G

    Defenders of Freedom Shoot to support our troops!

    Hey everyone, My name is Austin and I have an online Gun and tactical gear site. We are helping sponsor a 3 gun competition for wounded vets and I thought I would share it. God Bless America! God Bless our troops! 3 Gun Shoot - Defenders of Freedom
  8. H

    " this is my rifle" video scorching

    Sun God Seven's new video " This is My Rifle" has lots of fun gun action and sends a good message. Check it out when you can SUN GOD SEVEN - This Is My Rifle (Official Music Video) - YouTube Enjoy
  9. foureyesstudios

    I shot a guy. Do I post it HERE???

    Here is the story as it appeared in the local paper. btw: I am NOT the older guy in the pics. The case was still pending trial, and I requested no photos of me at that time. More details to follow soon. Man who opened fire to defend himself stands with many on gun control - Beaumont...
  10. M

    Hi everyone. New to this site.

    I am a proud mama and grandma to a bunch of youngens. I love to shoot, break down and clean my weapons. I am an avid bike rider and a member of the Patriot Guard Riders of the United States SW Ohio chapter. I am an a US Army Veteran. I am part owner of a custom motorcycle shop. We build, repair...
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