1. Rictex94

    WTS Selling Shotgun ammo (Dallas Tx)

    $70 Dallas Tx
  2. Killbox Alpha

    WTB WTB 12 ga steel slugs

    Looking for some 12ga steel slugs. Dependinag on price, may want up to 100
  3. D

    SOLD [AUSTIN] Estate 12ga 00-buck 2-3/4 (250 shells)

    Factory Estate 12ga 00 buck, 2-3/4 shells, 25 per box, 10 boxes. $110 F2F in Austin metro. Can trade for 500 rounds of brass 9mm.
  4. Younggun

    Poor Mans Slo-Mo, Guns In Action; Pic and Gif Heavy

    .50 BMG API impacting 5/8' steel plate Full speed imact
  5. F

    Need Shotgun Advice

    Hey Guys, I'm fairly new to shotguns, they have really just recently peaked my interest. Looking to purchase a semi auto, more than likely I will be looking in a price range of under $1000. I have be looking strongly at the Mossberg 930 JM pro. I haven't shot 3 gun yet, but will looking to...
  6. CriterionTactical

    Criterion Tactical: 3 - Gun Tactical Pistol/Shotgun/Carbine, Pelham, NH

    Post with permission: My friend and shooting partner, Mark Feldmeier and I are always looking for quality firearms training, and when we heard that Kelly Venden from Criterion Tactics was going to be running a 2-day 3 gun course at NE Shooters in New Hampshire, we jumped on the opportunity...
  7. glick88

    The best shotgun on a budget (>$400)

    What (in your opinion) is the best "all around" shotgun on a budget? And why? (budget meaning less than $400)
  8. D

    Convicted of a DWI over a year ago, can I keep a loaded shotgun in my truck? HELP!

    I am 20 years old and I was convicted of a DWI (first time) Class B Misdemeanor 13 months ago. I keep a loaded Mossberg 500 in the back seat of my truck (not visible). I have looked EVERYWHERE online to find out what the rules are for DWI Convicts (Class B Misdemeanor) and possessing loaded...
  9. T

    Open Carry of Long Guns

    What do you all think about the open carry of long guns? If many of us across Texas/US began to carry rifles & shotguns openly, it may bring some attention to the 2A fight while getting those who are neutral or against 2A rights to see normal everyday people who support gun rights. I would...
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