Eccentric Behaviors - what have you seen?


The Earl of Angelina County
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Oct 14, 2017
In the woods...
I know people have some really strange compulsions and I think there was even a TV show on for a while that highlighted people with eccentric / unusual behaviors.
Anyway, another thread brought this to mind, and I remembered that I had a great aunt that insisted on unscrewing light bulbs to turn them off so that she wouldn't wear out the light switches in the house!
My grandmother rinsed, dried, and re-used paper towels back in the late '70's because they were "expensive".
I'm sure some behaviors like that were prompted by memories of the depression or other trials and tribulations. Still, others, might be brought about by mental decline.
What eccentric/strange behaviors have you witnessed in life?
I'm not talking about unfortunate folks with disabilities or mental issues - just "normal" people with eccentricities, please.
I don't think I have any..., yet...


TGT Addict
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Apr 20, 2020
Does having a full serving set of Cool Whip containers count? My grandparents were depression era babies. Hard to throw away anything that may be found useful later. We literally had two dozen frickin cool whip "bowls" that we'd use as cereal or soup bowls. We had glass bowls, nice ones at that, but you were chided to use the plastic at every opportunity.
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