Looking for Ideas for Concealed Carry Holster

Aug 6, 2008
Whitesboro, TX
I'm going to concealed-carry a Colt Defender 45. Today, I went to the gun show in Fort Worth and ended up buying a waist band holster. Under my t-shirt, you can tell something's there. You just can't tell what. I also have a Colt Mustang 380 (much smaller frame) and it looked the same.

I didn't particularly want to carry an in-pants holster in the small of my back cause my shirt might ride up when I bend over.

What kinds of concealed carry holsters are y'all using?


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Jun 27, 2008
I have a Milt Sparks Versa Max II Inside the Waist Band holster. I wear it in the 4:00 to 5:00 position. I've never tried Small Of Back carry, but would like to experiment with it, although I have concerns about that method of carry. One of my concerns is ability to draw in a timely manner.

The Versa Max II is comfortable, as holsters go, and I'm satisfied with it. I started out with it in the 3:00 position but didn't like it because the gun handle kept jabbing my ribs. I moved the holster toward the 6:00 position until I found a compromise between draw and comfort.
Aug 6, 2008
Whitesboro, TX
I actually have another issue too. I've always been a Glock shooter (don't hate me!) and this is the first single action semi-auto I've owned. I'm pretty nervous about walking around with it cocked and locked. I can just see the slide lock getting knocked down and me firing it halfway through my draw. I want to feel safe while I'm carrying it; not like I'm going to shoot myself drawing it.


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Dec 9, 2008
I run a Raven Concelment holster with a M3 light attached I have used it for a year or so and this thing is the Heat.The Malabar Front

I use this with A Glock 23. There product really stands up and they warranty there stuff for Life.


Aug 16, 2008
S.W. Houston Area
Just from my limited experience with custom holsters I like my

Texas Heritage IWB from Tucker Holsters for my full size .45 1911 (wide distance between holster clips disperses weight evenly)

Memphis IWB from Southewestern Holsters for my 9mm S&W's (pricing placed a role here. again, good distance between clips for weight distribution, but not reinforced for single handed reholstering)

Uncle Mike's IWB (cheap throwdown holster, but i find i will frequently grab it when I'm just making a quick run to pick-up pizza or fill up the truck on a Sunday night)

Will be placing an order next week for another holster from a lesser known leather maker but cannot comment on his work as of yet. Being a lefty makes it difficult to find stocked gun leather which I can try before I buy.....


Sep 20, 2008
With the 1911 following on here, I am surprised nobody haschimed in on this yet.... I am actually more comfortable from a saftey standpoint carrying my 1911 over any of my striker fired pistols. There are more safteys on a 1911 and unless you are running a competion or LE trigger, the trigger pull is about the same. You shouldnt have your finger inside the trigger guard on a draw anyway... just my opinion...


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Jul 16, 2008
...the slide lock...
You mean the safety, right?
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