M1 Carbines coming in from Midway USA


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They will want more, yet be worth less! I couldn’t help but notice the PWS stamped on the barrel. Anyone remember the Blue Skies imported carbines? That and other import stamps will detract from the overall value.


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There no getting around import marks. At least they're hidden.
I call bull shit on that! The ones without the import marks were the ones in US inventories before being released. And that's why they command a high dollar. Plenty a M1 or M2 carbine was brought home after WWII and Korea. Bring backs tightened up during Vietnam for all the dope being smuggled!


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Sep 30, 2012
The market will determine the final pricing most likely....if folks don't buy at the advertised prices, they will lower the prices.......I agree...import marked rifles should not bring premium prices.....

That being said, if the price is right....I wouldn't mind a Rock Ola....


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Oct 4, 2013
Gunz are icky.
I want a good condition shooter. IDGAF about import marks.
Only some lint speck obsessed wienerhead worries about that crap. Go back into your gun cave hold you precious Postal Meter thats too valuable to shoot. I’ll be at the range shooting mine.
some of you guys would bitch if somebody handed you. $100 bill. OMG! It’s wrinkled!


Feb 20, 2013
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Per another forum, supposedly a little over 3,000 imported. Wonder if Midway got all of them? There was alot of speculation over who'd got them. I'm guessing being Midway they'll want big money.
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