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Jun 10, 2015
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All of you keep thinking there will be a fair election in 2024. The communist have learned how to fix an election in their favor, and it will be done more in every election. One d congressman already said they want total control.
That's why I believe the 2022 elections will be more important than the 2024 elections at this point.

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Sep 29, 2012
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We tried that already, but I'm all for trying again.

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Not enough of a margin. All it took was a few thousand fake votes here, a few thousand uncounted votes there...because of NeverTrumpers and others who wouldn't vote for him because OrangeManBad. That's why we need a candidate who can appeal to the wishy-washy Rino types while still appealing to us at the same time. Plus, we need to plan now to counteract the novelty of Harris running on the fact that her skin is darker and she's a woman. Otherwise the Dems will play the "Republicans only run old white guys" card, even though they just ran the oldest guy ever, who is also the whitest since Jimmy Carter.


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Jan 23, 2019
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Trump will be the nominee if he wants to. But will he want to? That is the question. If he doesn't, then it will have to be someone cut from the same cloth. I can kind of see DeSantis, but he's a politician. Some from his own family have been mentioned, Don Jr., etc. But the establishment type is dead and buried and the GOP has changed for the better thanks to Trump.

I'd vote for him in the primary in an instant. And I didn't the first time.
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