ughhhhh Jury Duty


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Aug 24, 2013
Well I have been here in Tx 5 years now and just got my first Jury duty notice to serve some time in Nov-Dec with my luck it will be dec 24th LOL.

We all bitch and moan about it <ok most do> i don't get paid to go from work so that sucks but I will go if called and do my duty and try to remain fair but have to admit if its a typical gang banger look even if dressed up they will have negative points going in at least from me but I will be open minded. If we hear they are a career criminal I doubt they will want me on the Jury but again I will keep an open mind.

Ah well
grumble grumble grumble


Aug 28, 2009
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The defense and prosecution both screen you and if you can make either side afraid of you, they will dismiss you. I'm not telling you to lie. That would be wrong. Just don't be afraid to speak your mind.

My last jury duty was for a trial for a guy who doesn't speak English and had killed somebody while driving drunk. The defense asked us to raise our hands if we lost friends to drunk drivers. When they got to me, I told them that I lost 3 friends, and both crimes were committed by illegals. She couldn't get me out of the pool fast enough.


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Sep 28, 2008
Do what you can to get on a jury. There needs to be at least one smart person on it, and that may be you. Jurors are the judge in jury trials. Be a good judge. Judge the evidence and the law. It is your duty to do this.

They normally don't list priors, because it paints a negative picture of the defendant. Hell, if you listed my priors you might judge me to be a piece of crap. I'm not that guy anymore and haven't been for a long time. Base your decision on facts, not feelings, or emotions, or any personal bias you may have. Don't use this opportunity to " stick it to the man" just because you want the little guy to win. It is an honor to serve on a jury, treat it as such. This is our last opportunity to have a direct effect on the legal system. Do what is right.


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Aug 24, 2013
the main thing that makes me ok with serving is I hope the people in the Jury box on a trial I am actually in would be willing to listen to what happened and not just vote the same way as the others to get it over with lol.

I know there are reformed and good people with bad luck but then there are those that just chose to be bad and if they dont want to live in a civil way should all be dumped in a "Escape from New York" setting and live the way they want to :)


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Feb 2, 2013
I have been called to jury selection twice. The first time I actually knew the person standing trial. Its a interesting experience that's for sure.

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Dec 24, 2012
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Just went through this two weeks ago. Second time time in less than six months by the way. And the fourth in my short 45+ years. Just answer each and or all questions honestly and with your beliefs and convictions, and you'll be fine. To be honest, there are at least one or two juries I REALLY did want to serve on.


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Aug 14, 2009
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I got a jury duty letter while stationed overseas. When they were informed that i was overseas they took me out of the pool, i havent been back in the pool since.


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Jan 24, 2011
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I had to sit through jury selection for a capital crime, where a fellow was murdered in his home by a paid hit-man.

When the Defense attorney asked me what I thought about the death penalty in Texas, I told her that if the defendant was found guilty I would vote to have him hanged publicly instead of quietly be put to sleep on a gurney in Huntsville. When she reminded me that Texas does not hang the guilty, I told her I'd pick the electric chair.

Got a check for $15.00 for my time (which paid for bus fare and lunch at McDonald's), and was quickly excused from jury duty. Sadly, I really wanted to serve on that jury!
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