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Mar 6, 2009
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I bought a pair of 5.11 tactical pants yesterday at GT distributors I will leave the size I chose out because I'm writing this and I can. They are made of "8.8 oz 100% cotton canvas" at first you will pick them up and think that they are very heavy, and they are but they are very comfortable to wear. I got the black so I could wear them as my uniform pants and get away with it. I have been wearing them all day no complaints at all.

The rear slash pockets seem kind of ... oober at first. When they are on the shelf you just think "wow people walk around in this stuff" and I almost didn't buy them. But I decided to give them a try on. I did and they didn't look bad at all. I rather like them after almost a full day on the job in 100 degree weather I still like them.

The rest of the pockets (and there are 5) are quite well located. The spare mag/cell phone pocket fits my W 490 pretty good and I can still get it out of the pocket when the phone rings. My mag's fit like a glove to, getting the mag out in a hurry would be problematic in my opinion tho. Maybe with practice I could become faster at it. The cargo pockets stay flat and almost invisible to someone looking at your pants. I have a can of snuff in mine and you can't see the Ring, and the pocket still appears to stay pretty flat. I went home and put my whole uniform on before I took the tags off to see how it looked. It looked good so I put my gun belt on with them to see if I could reach the pockets. I could actually get my keys out of my right hip pocket with my duty belt on. That was amazing to me. I could gain access to all my pockets without any trouble at all.

The waist line is a god send if you are wearing your gun. The belt loops are big comfortable ones that seem to help keep the gear on my duty belt in the same spot and it seems more comfortable than the regular Issue pants. I feel that it helps position the duty belt on the waist and off the small of your back. On the hips there are elastic sections that are very comfortable and help keep a tight professional appearance.
And finally the legs. The knee section has a double knee.( a reinforced knee) You can buy knee pads that fit in between the two layers to add knee pads to the pants for protection in a rough environment that you might slip or have to Aguirre a kneeling shooting position. And some times you can get a promotional plus and get free 5.11 belts, knee pads and hats with your purchase. I like the pants and will buy more. The pants are comfortable, functional and seem to be durable but only time will tell if they are durable or not.

Sorry for the crappy generic pics it is all I could find of the pants and the knee pads.


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Feb 17, 2009
I've been looking at those pants, I think I'm gonna order me a pair, but my size doesn't come pre hemmed so I gotta go somewhere locally

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Mar 6, 2009
Cedar Park,TX
I think they are the ones that originally came up with the design concept. I think, I could be wrong.
I tried my hand at writing a product review. How did it turn out?


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Jan 2, 2009
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I love the 5.11 Pants...these are the only pants I bought in years. Most recent pair I bought was the Taclite Pro 5.11 Pants. They are perfect for the Houston Heat & Humidity...I also like the knife pocket the Taclite Pants have. However, TruSpec makes some pants that are called the 24/7 series...they look nice too and they have regular back pockets...I'll probably get a pair of those soon to try them out.


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Dec 9, 2008
Good review I may pick a pair up to try. I don't really like the 5.11 originals as the shrink alot and Im not thrilled with the huge back pockets.



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