Round in the chamber?


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Jan 23, 2014
Liberty Hill
Hey, in 1972 I was attacked in a Dallas Pizza hut parking lot. It was an attempted carjacking (1969 Corvette) a man ran from the front and pinned me with the door while I was entering the car, a man came from behind and grabbed me around the neck.. I drew my 1911 from the driver's door pouch with my only free arm and fired between my foot and the front assailants foot.. the 5 Hispanics all ran across I 35. 6 lanes! I did not even see the other three until they ran. Yes poor SA on my 22 year old self. However without a round in the chamber I would have at least lost my car and maybe worse. Just one of many valid perspectives.
Have you still got the Vette?

Wallace Dunn

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Jan 22, 2020
Odessa, TX
The oil stains in my garage aren't from the harley, some of them are from the previous owner, some from my own mistakes while changing oil for the previous car (mx5).

I read over the internet that "all Harley models leak" and that "it'll wreck your jeans on the knee piece". Never had either occur to me so far. Just another reminder that no necessarily everything you read online is an absolute source of truth, people tend to get polarized and opinionated.

My iron 883 has been a treat, I replaced my ninja with it since I figured I'd rather have my bike slowing me down than me slowing the bike down. It's a stupid machine: heavy, slow (compared to bikes), small gas tank and relatively (again, for bike) high fuel consumption - and I absolutely love it. Brings me joy and smiles every time I take it out.

The funny thing - I'm not even a "harley guy", I just adore this specific model, I guess because it's relatively small and all blacked out. View attachment 214178
For many years I carried around a chunk of black plastic that looked just like a major oil leak. I had a lot of fun with friends putting it under their bikes and pointing out the major leak...


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Aug 24, 2013
You cant tell me when where or what to discus.
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