What stage of gun ownership are you in?


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Oct 16, 2012
When i was young i had just a 10/22 and shotgun. I didnt see any need for a pistol.

I went off to college and after several people were shot to death within 2 blocks of my apartment i went and bought a cheap but reliable handgun, a Makarov. Later an AR and a bolt action rifle.

Then strangely enough, while i was in the military i wasnt really into buying guns or shooting. I guess shooting machine guns and M16/M4 several times a year on pop up target ranges was enough fun.

After the time in the military i got back into guns. I was a Ruger fanboy. I thought they could do no wrong and i bought a lot of Rugers. I then sold most of them as i found out what i prefer in pistols and rifles. (still dont have shotgun preference figured out)

So long story short...after buying and selling a lot of guns, ive mostly figured out what i like, need and want. I try to buy to keep now. I was big on having a backup for each gun but ive gotten away from that and basically have a gun for each "slot" or "need". Ive started keeping my guns long term which makes me more willing to get extra mags, parts and customize them a bit such as putting on better sights.

So where are you at in your buying/collecting/owning?
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May 22, 2010
I wanted everything at first. But now i am happy with what i have.
But as bills get paid i will bet 1 or 2 more a baer, brown. Sti all in ss.
And a . 50 cal semi


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Mar 19, 2008
Kerr County
The guns I have now I've had for quite a while, which means I must like them over the ones I've traded/sold. Although I do have seller's remorse for every gun I've ever gotten rid of. I've inherited several guns from family and will probably keep them for the kids and grand kids. Overall I think I happy with what I have (for now ........... :) )


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Jul 5, 2012
I'm jaded. Went through the "wow that's neat phase" and sold the FS2000, Sig 556, FNC, and now all I have are ARs.

Anything I buy now is either in danger of being banned or will increase in value.


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Jul 24, 2011
Conroe, TX
I have always been a methodical gun owner. But i just recently got into 22s. Having shot high powered rifles since i was 4 i never saw the lighter side of things. What made me switch to 22lr was i was tired of using expensive 5.56 on small game when 22lr could do the same at a cheaper rate and no overkill.
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