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    1. Omegaheat

      Conceal carry holster for modded glock 19

      Hey guys im looking for a really good holster for my soon to be EDC. My Glock 19 has a vortex red dot and extended threaded barrel with thread bolt. I plan on adding a light to the bottom rail. Would like to conceal to my appendix or hip. Right handed naturally. Thanks yall
    2. E

      Dallas Police Shooting and Concealed Carry

      Is anyone else rethinking their concealed carry? I am. I don't know if I could have helped in Dallas last Thursday night but I could have, I would have. Even here in Texas these truly sick people are here and we may have to deal with them. If the police are having a hard time, I better get on...
    3. H

      how to answer the arrest question for expunged arrest on the CHL application

      CHL form question: Have you ever been arrested or charged with a crime? (Regardless if pending, dismissed,committed as a juvenile, was long ago OR was in another state.) Does not mention expunged arrest. Should the answer be 'No'? Can the answer be 'No'? Seems if you answer 'Yes' you've now...
    4. SmokeyWhisper

      CHL Traffic Stop

      Recently, I was involved with a traffic stop. The officer took my license and ran it and came back asking if I was a CHL carrier and if I had any weapons. Of course I told him yes and that there was a loaded pistol in the cinsole. He advised that I should have told him initially that I was armed...
    5. franzas

      Handgun Open Carry- Where Do You Stand

      Hey y'all, I know this has been up for a vote a few times now and failed. I was just curious to see where y'all stand on the issue. 5 choices, from most permissive to most restrictive. option 4 = HB 700; CHL and level 2 holster
    6. Dred

      Tactical Pistol Training Class at SGA - Review

      I took Chuck Persinger's Tactical Pistol Training Class #1 at Spring Guns and Ammo last night. This was Class 1 in a 4 class series. Overall impression: It was $99 well spent and I will continue the series. Prerequisite for the Class is your CHL. Instructors: Chuck was joined by two...
    7. Ricardo Cranium

      New TEXAS CHL / Gun Laws

      This was done in May, I can't find if the senate ever voted on any of these. Anyone got a source? Texas House passes 12 bills to soften firearms laws on 'gun day' | Fox News -Larry
    8. bobsicle

      Moving to TX - how long can I carry on UT-NR and WA-R CPL's?

      Moving to the Great State of Texas shortly. Currently hold a WA Resident CPL and a UT Non-resident CFP (although there's no difference for UT R vs NR once issued, they all look the same). Both WA and UT are recognized in TX (WA unilaterally, UT reciprocally). Based on the forum postings...
    9. Fortitude88

      The Price of Owning a Handgun & CHL in the State of TX

      This thread is written from the POV of a first-time firearms owner, brand new to guns. I have just purchased my first firearm and completed my CHL course - these are the recorded associated costs for new items with shipping and taxes (where applicable) included. Firstly, if a person has never...
    10. Fortitude88

      First Day of CHL Class - Found this sign on the toilet seat...

      Class took a break for a moment and I went to the restroom, when I found this sign taped to the toilet:
    11. Fortitude88

      Texas Senate Bill 864 - Reduction to CHL Course Time

      If you're looking to get your CHL, a few weeks - or possibly even a few days - of waiting might save you up to half the time currently required in the classroom. Texas Senate Bill No. 864, which reduces the amount of hours required in a CHL course, has passed both the Senate and House, and is...
    12. A

      Denied Texas CHL

      Hello 2nd Amendment friends, I am a 40ish year old, full time employed, responsible law abiding citizen and father. I applied for a Texas CHL about eight years ago, and wanting to do the right thing, voluntarily disclosed that I was on antidepressants. I was denied my Texas CHL. Fast forward...
    13. C

      CHL Class Recommendations

      Does anyone in the DFW area have any recommendations for CHL classes? I live 10 min from downtown Fort Worth and I am looking for a good place to take the class, test, and help with paperwork. Thanks! -C.
    14. M

      No permanent residence

      Here's one for the Hive. I accepted a contract for a job in the ME and 3 days before my departure my wife had me served with divorce papers (totally surprised). Last week, I received from my lawyer the decree proposal that takes away my Houston residence - we never separated nor do I have any...
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